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In 1949, a group of parents formed a non-profit organization called Mentally Retarded Children’s Aid (MRCA) to provide functional education for their children.  At that time, children with developmental disabilities were not being allowed to remain in public schools because they did not pass standard IQ tests.  The parents were convinced their children could learn and were determined to give them the opportunity to do so.  Through the hard work of these parents and the cooperation of the surrounding community, teachers were hired and training classes were begun in the basement of a church.

This group of parents joined parents nationwide who shared the same determination to have their children educated.  They demanded equal education for all children regardless of their abilities.  They fought long and hard.  Ultimately, they were instrumental in the enactment of Public Law 94-142.  The creation of state ARC's (Association for Retarded Citizens) was another accomplishment of these parents.  They were then, and are now, the vanguards of services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

1949 -Mentally Retarded Children’s Aid (MRCA) forms a non-profit organization to provide functional education for their children.

1951 -MRCA purchases the building at 6223 W. Ogden Avenue in Berwyn.  It is named for Edouard Seguin who believed individuals with developmental disabilities could learn.

1958 -An addition is added to the school to accommodate the growing number of students.

1964 -Seguin Training Center is built in Cicero to provide vocational assessments and training.

1976 -An addition to the training center is built to prepare persons for jobs in the community and to create a work site for those needing a more supervised environment.

1977 -MRCA changes its name to Seguin Retarded Citizens Association (Seguin RCA) and creates a separate organization named Seguin Services, Inc. (SSI) in order to satisfy state criteria.

1979 -Seguin RCA establishes four residential homes in which SSI provides programs for the residents until 1995.

1990 -Seguin RCA strengthens its focus on advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities so that quality of life can be achieved.  This focus is made possible through the united efforts of parents, family members, friends and supporters throughout the community.

1995 -Oak Leyden Developmental Services (OLDS) agrees to provide services for the twenty-four individuals residing in two Seguin RCA homes until 2008.

2008 -Garden Center Services agrees to provide services for twenty-four individuals residing in two Seguin RCA homes.

Founder of:

Seguin School

Seguin Services, Inc.

Seguin Camp

Seguin Residential Homes

Seguin RCA is a not-for-profit, 501(C)(3) corporation  


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